Talkia vs Speechelo Review

Something that almost everyone has to face at least once in their life, is making videos about a certain topic. A video can be used to enhance better communication and make better statements thanks to the usage of digital resources like images or texts. However, it is understood that making videos is not as easy as writing, and sadly, in the past nothing could be done about this. But nowadays there are multiple AI-based software that helps in making the job a lot easier. Text-to-speech software comes in handy when you want to pass your elaborated scripts into a speech to use for videos.

Nowadays there is much text-to-speech software out there, which is a good thing as consumers have a lot to choose from. But this is also an opportunity for scammers to obtain personal gain through the sale of bad services. That is why it is important to only get text-to-speech services like Talkia or Speechelo. If you had to choose only one of them, which would be your choice? The next article will compare both software to make sure that your selection does not come with undesired outcomes.


In simple words, both Talkia and Speechelo are a kind of text-to-speech software that has been running on the internet and providing aid to hundreds of individuals around the world. Honestly, both programs are extremely well made and there should not be any problem with siding with one and rejecting the other.

However, there are people who need a specific feature in a more expanded way, and that is why the next article will list all the features and prices of the service provided by these two programs to make sure that the user makes a correct decision on whether side with Talkia or go with Speechelo for their offerings.



Talkia is practically a new program (when compared to Speechelo). It was developed by the Bryxen company that is behind other software such as Toonly, Doodly, and Voomly other business flagships that have gotten more popular as time passes. Talkia is a text-to-speech program that is available in both Windows and Mac and it currently supports 22 languages that came with a total of 102 voices that can be used in multiple projects that the user might have in mind.

Another interesting feature that comes included in the frond-end license is the possibility of adding background music to the projects. Yes, at least 30 music come included to add inside the Talkia software.


Unlike Talkia, Speechelo is a cloud-based solution. This means that it is not software, you can access it from any device of your preference. In Speechelo projects, you will have the choice of selecting engine Standard or IA for the voiceovers generation. Keep in mind that while AI sounds much better than Standard, you will not be able to add breathing or emphasis words.

Only 7000 characters can be rendered inside Speechelo, but as a way of giving the user a more in-depth solution to this problem, two audio files can be merged with each other to make a unique piece. Unlike Talkia, there will not be any background music available in this choice, and even though the Pro version does come with the alternative of using music, it is not supported inside the whole thing. This means that external video editors should be used to add such an effect.



Talkia has its own front-end license for a starting price of $67, but it also has an Enterprise version that cost $97 per year. Keep in mind that this one is an optional upgrade and there is no such thing as a one-time price.

Talkia does come with multiple features as stated before, and these are:

* It counts with all (if not then the great majority) major languages of the world.
* This software comes with102 different voices that can be used as the user requires it.
* There is a word limit of 1000 words.
* Extra features such as pauses, breathing effects, and tune change are not available in this program.
* Surprisingly, there is the choice of adding Speechelo voices and many other voices as well.
* It is possible to add background music thanks to the unique 30 samples that are included in the service.


By itself, Speechelo offers a front-end license that has a starting price of $37 and is surprisingly the most affordable choice in this comparison. However, there is the Pro version as well which costs $47 Quarterly (or $127 in a one-time price). Also, it is always good to know that the license comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee in case the user does not like something about the software, it can be returned.

When it comes to a list of its features, Speechelo has a wide list of useful offerings:

* It has a total of 23 languages (at the moment).
* Comes with 30 different voices.
* Can merge audio files between each other.
* It is possible to add extra effects such as pauses, breathing, and tune change.
* It is not possible to add background through the service, only with external video editors (in case the user has the Pro version).


Absolutely. There is nothing like having a clear video explaining all your writing, and while those videos can be tough to make, thanks to the assistance of software like the previously compared ones, the work should be easier. Also, AI software has been becoming more popular thanks to the almost infinite possibilities that they promote for the future, so investing in one of them will prove to be an excellent choice for your personal and professional projects.

Investing in text-to-speech programs will never be a waste, especially considering the fact that even on traditional platforms like YouTube, there are hundreds of videos that use this kind of software for the creation of explanatory videos that enhance the explanation of a certain topic.